Dispose of Furniture, Carpet, Rugs

Furniture, Carpet, Rugs $34.00/cubic yard plus $2.05/cubic yard fuel surcharge
Non-Upholstered or Non-Recliner Type Chair $6.00
Upholstered or Recliner Type Chair $25.00*
Love Seat / Sofa $44.00*
Sectional $69+* (To be Determined by Gatehouse Attendant)
Sleeper Sofa $50.00*

BUT FIRST Consider Reuse

If your furnishings are worn but serviceable (think “first apartment” or even “hunting camp”), we suggest reusing them by:

  • selling them via the classified ads or Craig’s List
  • donating them one of the many local charity resale shops, or
  • giving them away to a friend or neighbor.

However, we understand that sometimes furniture is beyond salvaging.


To discourage illegal dumping, the Department of Public Works subsidizes disposal of worn-out upholstered furniture for Emmet County households. The Emmet County DPW’s actual costs to handle, haul, and landfill these items are roughly as follows:

  • Large chair $40
  • Sofa $63
  • Sleeper Sofa $78