Resort Township Businesses

Resort Township provides curbside recycling to businesses at no additional cost. This includes apartment buildings, too. If you have a business in Resort Township and have not yet been contacted about curbside collection please

call (231) 348-0640 today to set up your FREE service!

Your recyclables will be picked up on Monday.

Lots of Cardboard? Large Cardboard?

Does your business generate

  • more than cart of cardboard per week or
  • cardboard over 24" in any dimension (measured flattened)?

If so, talk to your waste hauler about providing a designated cardboard recycling dumpster. All waste haulers providing service in Emmet County are required to offer this service under the County Waste and Recycling Ordinance. The Ordinance also requires that haulers charge less for cardboard dumpsters than waste dumpsters, and rightly so: Emmet County Recycling accepts the cardboard at no charge while transferring compacted garbage costs $32/cubic yard. For more information call Emmet County Recycling (231) 348-0640.