Emmet County Recycling Guide

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Day-to-Day Recyclables

Your day-to-day recyclables are collected in TWO groups:
  1. Containers and
  2. Paper, Boxes and Bags

This is called a “dual-stream recycling system." It may take a little getting used to if you are coming from a community with

  • “source-separated recycling," in which recyclables are sorted into three or more categories or
  • “single-stream recycling," in which all day-to-day recyclables are collected together.

Why Dual Stream Recycling

What can you recycle?


Mixed Containers includes:
  • Metal cans, foil and trays
  • Juice boxes, milk cartons, paper cups and ice cream cartons
  • Plastic bottles, jugs and jars
  • Plastic tubs, trays and cups
  • Glass bottles and jars

Papers, Boxes and Bags includes:
  • Newspapers and insert
  • Magazines, catalogs and books
  • Office and writing paper
  • Cardboard, cereal boxes, and paper grocery bags
  • Plastic Grocery and Bread Bags

What Factories Use Your Recyclables and What They Make

Where to Recycle Them

Day-to-day recyclables are collected through two systems, drop-off sites and curbside.

But wait, THERE’S MORE!

We accept an additional 30 materials at the Pleasantview Road Drop-off Center

Located at
7363 South Pleasantview Road
east of Harbor Springs

For hours and prices visit Pleasantview Road Drop-off Center link below.

At the Pleasantview Road Drop-off Center, you can recycle your Day-to-Day recyclables AND all of the following:



Appliances with refrigerants (air conditioners, dehumidifiers, freezers and refrigerators)


Bricks (see Rubble below)

Brush & Yard Trimmings

Ceramics (see Rubble below)

Concrete (see Rubble below)


Fluorescent & LED Light Bulbs

Mattresses, Springs and Futons

Motor Oil

Paint & Stain–latex

Pallets and Logs

Plant Plastics

Porcelain (see Rubble below)


Scrap Metal

Shoes and Work Boots


For hours and prices visit our Drop-off Center page.